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  Hello Allegheny River Fans!  As you know, ARDC set out a very ambitious plan for lock operations for recreational boating in 2016.  Unfortunately, due to the crazy requirements imposed on the US Army Corps of Engineers for hiring lock operators, we will to modify our currently published schedule due to lock operator staffing issues.  DO NOT DISPARE! Last summer we operated 1,410 hours.  This summer, we requested 2140 operations hours.  Because of these staffing issues, ARDC Board Members met with USACE Operations Management, and working together, we have managed to preserve 2,005 hours of lock operations - and most of our long weekends!  In addition, as new lock operators complete training, we may be able to add hours back into the schedule.  We are extremely impressed the USACE’s commitment to this project!
With a long range weather forecast of a warmer and dryer than normal summer, we are looking forward to an amazing recreational boating season.  It is up to you, our beloved boaters, to use these locks as much as possible.  If we can show USACE how much we love these locks through frequent usage - at some point - they may become USACE’s weekend operations obligation and not ours!  That will free up ARDC funds for additional week days and longer weekend hours!  If you have not joined ARDC, please do so by visiting our membership page on our website at AlleghenyRiverDevelopment.org. 
You may also download the newly revised schedule from our “Lock Operations” page on our website.  As always, please check our website (www.AlleghenyRiverDevelopment.org) or our Facebook page (Allegheny River Development Corporation) or USACE’s website under “Navigation Notices” for the most current information for lock hours and operations.   Please “LIKE” and “SHARE” this information - we need to get the word out!